10 Ways Chris Evans Earns And Spends His Fortune

Earns: High Profile Blockbuster Films

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He quickly earned more than $30 million when he starred in a Marvel film. Chris' several pursuits cost $44 million between June 2018 and June 2019.

Spends: Car Collection

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Cars Collection worth $1 Million Dollars

Earns: Film-Making

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Evans made investments in film directing in addition to being one of Hollywood's highest-paid performers. Evans made his directing debut in the 2014 independent film Before We Go.

Spends: Investments

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Evans also owns some fancy pub that he first put up for sale in 2015 for $1.15 million but has now dropped to $1.2 million.

Earns: TV Career

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Evans worked with the BBC's London radio station GLR, but in 1992, he got his big break by hosting The Big Breakfast, then called Channel 4.

Spends: Expensive Real-Estate Properties

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According to Trulia, he listed his Hollywood Hills, California, house for $1.45 million in 2014. By then, he had upgraded to a Los Angeles residence with three bedrooms and 4,599 square feet that he had bought for $3.52 million in April 2013.

Earns: Media Production

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His own media production firm, Ginger Media Group, which he established in 1993, produced several popular TV shows, the first of which was Don't Forget Your Toothbrush for Channel 4.

Spends: Fitness & Grooming

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Chris Evans was still prepared to spend additional money to care for him. While having luxuries is reasonable, taking care of oneself is always more crucial.

Earns: Acting Career

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Chris received a $300,000 salary for his Captain America: The Debut Avenger role in his first Marvel film. An impressive $75 million to $100 million is estimated to be his net profit from all his MCU appearances.

Spends: Charitable Works

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Evans is someone who enjoys playing golf and will participate in as many charity tournaments as possible because he strongly supports Children in Need.